Evcom - The Film and Events Association's Annual Bash


John argued that under command and control elites use internal communication to communicate what has been decided by the few to the many. In that sense film and video (and other traditional comms) is a cypher to get content over and understood. The problem is that the recipients are cast as spectators of others’ decisions as there is little or no process to open the decision making to them. Thus the intelligence behind the content (of the strategy/change etc) is based on limited DNA from an elite that in all likelihood is generations older than the vast majority of the ‘spectators’.

In Liverpool I suggested that the film and events industry should be part of the spirit of employee engagement – essentially making good judgement about when to open up the decision making process to others beyond elites.

My advice to them was:

  • Get in as early as you can
  • Explain that to engage they have to decide who should be contributing & challenging
  • Seek a coalition of customers: marketing, L&D, I\C, Talent, HR, Change, Strategy + C suite sponsors
  • Challenge if it looks like a show and tell with engagement rhetoric
  • Review your own self beliefs – what are you selling? – creative packaging or the means to use comms as the context for engagement to take place
  • Know when glitz is likely to make it a spectator sport rather than a participative one

Click here for John’s slides & presentation notes. 



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