As a patron of the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester in West Sussex UK John Smythe likes to learn what we can from artists which is applicable to the world of work.

With hundreds of works like these behind her, Emily Young commented that whilst she has an idea of an end result,the stone is in control. It will fracture and crumble when least convenient but you can't fight it - "you have to partner with it". And for her there is no such thing as a bad stone - nor successes and failures. The stone's destiny and the sculptor's are intertwined. As I listened in her workshop I thought ahemm...this neatly encapsulates the leader's dilemma.They may have an ideal fix about the organisation but brute determination alone is likely to deliver unintended consequences.

What we do at Engage for Change - Strategy through people:

- Facilitate agreement on vision,strategy and change at sponsor level
- Design and facilitate the engagement of other levels in the origination and delivery of vision, strategy and change
- Integrate engagement and communication around vision,strategy and change
- Build engagement and communication capability for leaders
- Speak on these topics on in house and public platforms
- (and John Smythe acts as non exec advisor to fast growth SMEs in the communication and engagement spaces)

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