1st April 2017

Case study: Action for Recovery

In 2009 T1UK was in the eye of a storm afflicting the global economy. T1UK has been a citizen of the UK oil industry for many […]
30th March 2017

Case study: Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook leads the travel industry when it comes to customer service, but as part of the introduction of a new strategy to all 17,000 staff […]
30th March 2017

Case study: Zurich Financial Services – ‘Profitable Growth Powered by You’

You may be familiar with Zurich’s advertising line: ‘Because change happenz’. It’s much more than an external brand image. The company has itself gone through a major […]
29th March 2017

Case study: Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative avionics, communications and electronics solutions for commercial and government applications, headquartered in Cedar […]
13th July 2015

Evcom – The Film and Events Association’s Annual Bash

John argued that under command and control elites use internal communication to communicate what has been decided by the few to the many. In that sense […]
2nd July 2015

How Family Firm Mars Engages its People

Did you know that 90% plus enterprises around the world are family owned? Liz Clayton-Jones engagement partner at family firm Mars gave a tour de force […]
17th May 2015

140 Leaders Produce Basis for a Ten Year Vision

To Aston Villa footie ground’s swish directors hospitality suite to facilitate a high speed, dynamic engagement of 140 leaders at a major housing association to contribute […]