15th May 2016

Enterprise Social Media Research

Enterprise Social Media Research Early Results Suggest a Mixed Score Card Engage for Change, Glass Digital Media, Carlo communications (Sydney) and Simply are researching the influence […]
1st February 2016

Investigating the Impact of Digital Communications on Working Relationships

Join research into the impact of technology/social media on relationships across the generations and the world Phoebe Lebrecht (Y gen), Carlo (M gen) and John Smythe […]
13th July 2015

Evcom – The Film and Events Association’s Annual Bash

John argued that under command and control elites use internal communication to communicate what has been decided by the few to the many. In that sense […]
13th May 2015

Big Data Dilemmas for Leaders

Look out for a C-Suite workshop facilitated by John Smythe in October with IORMA – International Omni Retail Markets Association with Barbara Walker (ex CBI) Many […]