Case study: leading a seismic shift in the gold mining industry from the inside out

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A case study from the Engage for Change archives Engage for Change facilitated the top 35 executives from one of the world’s top gold mining companies over four intense days in the West African country of Mali. Engage for Change founder John Smythe gave a first hand account of his experiences: "On arrival in Mali we [...]

Case study: Thomas Cook

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Thomas Cook leads the travel industry when it comes to customer service, but as part of the introduction of a new strategy to all 17,000 staff in the UK and Ireland, it intended to differentiate itself even more through outstanding customer service and service innovation to drive operational cost savings and efficiencies. Engage for Change designed [...]

Case study: Engage for Change team size escalation process

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Engage for Change facilitated a high speed, dynamic engagement of 140 leaders at a major housing association to contribute the basis for a ten-year vision. Using our team size escalation process people worked alone at first to respond to two simple ‘exam questions’ - essentially what could great look like to key stakeholders in ten [...]

Two Tales of Participative Strategy: #2 Blue Cross

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Two Tales of Participative Strategy Changing the story for the Blue Cross Animal lovers will all know Blue Cross. Sameer Pathak, Head of Internal Communication and Engagement, invited Engage for Change to design their Leadership Conference 2016, an off site for 80 leaders. The theme was Changing the story for Blue Cross and the aim [...]

Big Data Dilemmas for Leaders

By |2015-07-13T19:15:11+01:00May 13th, 2015|

Look out for a C-Suite workshop facilitated by John Smythe in October with IORMA – International Omni Retail Markets Association with Barbara Walker (ex CBI) Many of us associate Big Data with understanding and influencing customers.  It started there but we are learning that Big Data is and will provide leaders with the ability to [...]

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