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Smart Upstart – a workshop for entrepreneurial millennials

Smart Upstart - A Workshop for Entrepreneurial Millennials

John Smythe's 22 year old daughter, Rosie Smythe, is typical of Y gen - not sure if they want to work for big corporation. Although Rosie now has a cracking position as blogger for the MailOnline's You Magazine, she had experienced a number of unpaid internships none of which inspired any inspiration.

It did get me thinking about Y genners who want to run their own thing, and I’ve approached a bunch of amazing entrepreneurs asking them to participate in a workshop to encourage Y genners and any genners to start up!

We have a fabulous line up, so far comprising:

Dave Wallace – Heath Wallace – accessible digital access for customers to banks and broader

Marc Wright – Simply Communicate – the learning network on Social Media

Phoebe Lebrecht – Glass Digital Media (does our SM) – SM consultancy

Vicky Lebrecht –Bright Group International – Leading Global Illustration Agency

Ben Hart – Atmosphere – SM consultancy

Jacqueline Biggs –Brand Camp – Cut through brand strategy

Betty Adamou – Research Through Gaming – As on the tin

Laurence Barrett – Heresy – a Jungian coach/advisory firm where Fiona Smythe is also involved

Simon Robinson – Accountancy and corporate advisory

Linda Pilkington – Ormonde Jayne – Founder of this leading perfume house that has just launched across Russia

Oh and John Smythe as choreographer with three consultancy start-ups and one time non exec advisor to Heath Wallace.

The group will give TED style advice for would be entrepreneurs which we will video and YouTube after editing and when everyone is cool with content, of course.

We are just waiting to hear confirmation about a central venue for the event, following which we will start the invitation process – if you or anyone you know might be interested in attending as a would be entrepreneur just mail

Equally if you know an entrepreneur that will add to the workshop experience, do get in touch – it might be you! It’s great that it’s presently a gender balanced group ranging from 24 years (Phoebe) to boomer John!