Groucho Breakfast

Terrorist engagement has taken another sinister turn, as the new President of the United States handed ISIS and fellow extremist groups a trump card in the form of his refugee visa suspension.

The executive order, dubbed the ‘Muslim ban’ by media, suspended immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations in a move that Donald Trump claimed “…is about terror and keeping our country safe.” Although the order has been temporarily blocked following a legal ruling, it’s already stirred up global protests and political unrest.

But the most worrying outcome of Trump’s immigration policy is a propaganda victory for ISIS, adding weight to its binary ideologies and strengthening its recruitment pitch – so argues Charlie Winter, Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation.

Charlie has been monitoring the terrorist group’s media and messaging for the last three years and will be delving in to its ground-breaking methods at our next Groucho Breakfast. He’ll examine Trump’s policy and how it can be exploited for ISIS’ gain, as well as expanding on the group’s innovative outreach strategy.

Book your tickets here – places are filling fast. For anyone interested in pre-reading ahead of the breakfast, see Charlie’s recent article for the Atlantic, and his Twitter feed for ISIS propaganda news as it happens.