Join research into the impact of technology/social media on relationships across the generations and the world

Phoebe Lebrecht (Y gen), Carlo (M gen) and John Smythe (boomer) are undertaking mixed generation focus groups to explore the topic and present findings and analysis at the March Well Being convention in the UK and thereafter at other forums including Engage for Success, Engage for Change’s Groucho club long established breakfast events, and other methods of distribution.


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We are seeking host organisations to allow us to run cross generation focus groups around the topic. Participating organisations will have full access to the data that emerges. Host organisations would also be able to add topics to the core inquiry to explore company specific interests around the core topic, which would remain privy to the host organisation. There is limited data around this topic and participating organisations will benefit from early exposure to the findings. Participating organisations can be anonymous (eg ‘large global healthcare’) or identified.

John, Phoebe and Bonnie are also willing to run exclusive findings session for participating organisations with no other outsiders present.

Phoebe and John are both members of Engage for Success’s ‘More Social than Media group’, of which John is currently chair – this work will find its way back to Engage for Success’s content bank. Bonnie is exploring setting up an Australian branch of Engage for Success.

Benefits of participating:

  • Access to the data
  • Opportunity to bespoke the inquiry to a degree
  • In house findings and next steps session if desired
  • We may also organise a session for all participating institutions to help people learn from each other

The draft structure of the focus groups is currently:

  • Introductions, ground rules, company sponsor and project purpose
  • Identification of different generations present – a representative mix is required
  • The starting point – exercise in trios to identify the current work place culture using an Engage for Change schematic (see below) followed by facilitated discussion
  • Quick plenary review of traditional communication methods in use and their continued relevance
  • Groups of four (across generations) identify social media currently in use (using format provided which will be collected or photographed) followed by facilitated discussion
  • New groups of separate generations (ie millenials together, boomers together etc) discuss the influence of social media/digital on cross generational relationships at work; both the positives and the challenges using the schematic provided. Facilitated discussion and collection or photography
  • Final creative input in plenary – 5 years on how might Social media/digital change cross generational relationships at work
  • Thanks, process from here and close

What we need participating organisations to do:

  • Provide one or several groups with cross generations represented
  • With us agree company specific topics/areas to explore
  • Sponsor visibly

Next steps

  • Conversation/meeting with us in which we can help you organise the process


Would you like to be involved? Get in touch.