Due to (welcome) client load we have had a gap in our Groucho events but we have three great events in planning under a new guise – ‘The Engage for Change Employee Engagement Solutions Forum’. Also we have decided to make a nominal charge (probably £50) from now on as free events suffer a costly absence rate.
  1. Integrating face to face and digital engagement to construct and deliver strategy, change and operational improvement
  • A panel of clients who have good stories to tell and providers of creative digital solutions (Yammer, Co-Digital signed up/more to add)
  •  Surgery to meet delegates’ needs
  •  Great networking in a great location
Date etc will appear shortly. Building capability in effective engagement for leaders and managers Delegates will experience
  • Some Engage for Change models designed to create insight about the kind of leader they have become and the pattern of their approach to engaging others
  •  There will be cases showing how organisations are adding engagement to their learning and development
  •  On the spot surgery to help people take away practical guidance
  1. Using engagement to help make the Matrix organisation fulfil its ambition
Lots of organisations have shifted to a matrix structure but struggle to reap the cultural benefits promised. In the period of transition the emphasis is often confined to structure and processes. The pain of adjusting to new kinds of relationships then plays out obscuring the potential benefits. We will gather organisations that have (or may soon) experienced this ‘cultural/behavioural’ deficit and exchange solutions.