Engaging leaders and managers - capability

Employee engagement is a ‘hyped’ topic today – yet data shows a flat lining of engagement in the UK and North America despite all the rhetoric, programmes and research activity.

Why? We believe leaders and managers are missing the point by focusing on engagement programmes and top down research – and running the risk of continuing to lead through the lens and behaviour of command and control.




Contrastingly at Engage for Change we build capability in your leaders and managers by:

Providing Insight

Providing insight to individuals and groups on their presence and performance styles.

Enabling insight

Enabling insight about the tacit, conscious and unconscious styles of leadership adopted by leaders, managers and supervisors. Our techniques enables people to reflect on the influences that significant people have had on them from childhood and across their career.


Recommending practical ways for them to adopt more mutual and effective ways of engaging, communicating and relating to their people.

Developing capability

Developing capability in managers to dispense ‘tough love’ when an organisation needs to manage fast growth or address a crisis.