19th June 2017

A report on social technology at work and its impact on employee behaviour, performance and fulfilment

Throughout 2016, John Smythe of Engage for Change and Bonnie Carlo of Carlo Communications conducted a study in Europe, USA and Australasia around workplace technology/ESNs and its […]
1st April 2017

Engaging for recovery: bottom up engagement programme finds £20 in unbudgeted savings

At the beginning of 2009, this large enterprise stared into an uncertain future. Normally at least half of its operating companies would perform well providing underpinning […]
1st April 2017

Driving strategy through employee engagement

QBE is one of Australia’s largest insurers with a major and fast-growing presence in Europe, employing close to 3000 by 2010 – growth fuelled by good […]
1st April 2017
Engaging your people

Engage for Change mini case studies

A series of bite-sized case studies from the Engage for Change archives DLA Piper: vision to reality 2019 to 2014 Our partnership continued with the Finance […]
1st April 2017

Case study: Action for Recovery

In 2009 T1UK was in the eye of a storm afflicting the global economy. T1UK has been a citizen of the UK oil industry for many […]
30th March 2017

Case study: leading a seismic shift in the gold mining industry from the inside out

A case study from the Engage for Change archives Engage for Change facilitated the top 35 executives from one of the world’s top gold mining companies over […]
30th March 2017

Case study: Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook leads the travel industry when it comes to customer service, but as part of the introduction of a new strategy to all 17,000 staff […]
30th March 2017

Case study: Zurich Financial Services – ‘Profitable Growth Powered by You’

You may be familiar with Zurich’s advertising line: ‘Because change happenz’. It’s much more than an external brand image. The company has itself gone through a major […]
29th March 2017

Case study: Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative avionics, communications and electronics solutions for commercial and government applications, headquartered in Cedar […]
29th March 2017

Case study: Engage for Change team size escalation process

Engage for Change facilitated a high speed, dynamic engagement of 140 leaders at a major housing association to contribute the basis for a ten-year vision. Using […]