The change, engagement and communication advisor you want by your side

Our mission is to make the world of work more engaging and productive by helping business leaders and their employees create a culture of distributed leadership - liberating people to be the best that they can be for their organisation and themselves.

Our client proposition is twofold. Firstly, to help engage your leaders and people in devising and delivering strategy, change and operational plans quickly and effectively. And secondly, to equip your leaders, managers and supervisory colleagues with day-to-day capability to engage and communicate with their people thus improving performance and creating an attractive work place experience.

If you are involved in the following scenarios, we can help:

  • Developing and delivering strategy
  • Communication/employee engagement
  • Operational improvements or cost cutting
  • Organisational disruption, change and transformation
  • Encouraging collaboration to accelerate performance

John Smythe and colleagues will advise you on the most effective approach to engaging the right people in addressing these scenarios via face-to-face engagement, increasingly supported by digital means.

Effective engagement requires strong leadership about what is set in stone – John facilitates agreement within executive teams, boards and functions. Facilitation is our key differentiator – we have amassed insight on what stimulates people to participate constructively in the conversation, whether it’s the executive suite, functional teams or everyone.

Engage for Change also contributes to industry insight via its popular networking events with prolific guest speakers, John Smythe’s books and in-company and public speaking. In addition, John and colleagues can electrify your leadership meetings turning them from spectator events into turning points.

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